5 OUTDOOR Things to do with your Screen-Obsessed Kids

outside play

Are you tired of seeing your children glued to the sofa playing video games when it’s a beautiful day? Well, it’s time to round them up and force them outside for some real-life fun!


Even if your budget plan’s tight, you can have so much fun and so many adventures at a park. Whether your local park is a tiny community green space or an extensive national forest, make the most of your closest green space and prepare a trip for the entire family, no matter how young or old your kids are. Use these suggestions to get your entire family off the couch and out into the sunlight for some healthy and balanced, cost-free (or low-cost), outdoors fun!


Just go PLAY

If you’re bringing the little ones, scope out the neighbourhood area for parks – even if it’s just a small, local playground area, going with your kids gives you a workout and gives them the ability to play outside. See-saws, giant slides, ape bars, pint-sized zip-lines and also mini rock-climbing walls are all things that you should encourage your kids to try and play with at the better local park play areas. Load some sun block, treats and juice boxes and head to the park for some vigorous, full body exercise on your part and healthy, in-the-sun fun with your kids.


Picnic time!


Get a basket and a blanket, and have an awesome, healthy, relaxing time on the grass in your local park. If you’re heading somewhere further afield (like a national park that has lakes and rivers), even better – you can stay cool in the afternoon sun and spend a whole day outside with your kids – remember, no tablets, phones, or games allowed – this outdoor time is the time you want to bond with your family and create memories, not just for playing angry birds.


Sports are fun too!


Many local parks have tennis courts, and areas for football, soccer, and baseball. Get your kids to join a local youth league and be one of those crazy parents that’s super supportive of their kid’s little league game. This is definitely something they’ll remember when they’re older. Let your kids pursue their own outdoor interests no matter what it is – any time your kid spends outdoor is a good thing in this screen-dominant world.


Learn about Nature!


Kids know so little about plants and animals these days – you wouldn’t believe how many kids I’ve met that have never seen a beaver! State and national parks are typically chock-full of incredibly interesting and diverse wildlife – get your kids out there and teach them about nature! You can even bring guides and books with you to learn about this stuff together! This is fun AND educational!


Kids these days spend way too much time indoors – it’s time to get your kids out there and teach them how to have fun without looking at a screen. Get your kids active early in life and they will build a lifelong habit of spending time outdoors. People who spend time doing outdoor stuff have been shown to be healthier, happier, and all-around better off! So what are you waiting for? Get off the internet and take your kids outside!

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