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Camping with Kids – How to Prepare


Camping with children

Nature can be a great teacher, and being in nature can be a great experience for children. That being said, family camping trips can also be anxiety inducing for parents – there are so many things that can go wrong! Still, that’s not a reason to avoid camping altogether – here are some camping tips that you should keep in mind if you’re planning to take your children camping – by keeping all these things in mind and preparing adequately, you can make sure that a weekend spent camping is fun for the whole family!


Before an Overnight Camping trip:

Practice camping in your home: If your youngsters are unfamiliar with being in the outdoors, pitch a camping tent in the backyard or perhaps inside your residence. Allow them socialize in it and even let them sleep it so they get familiar with this novel sleeping environment.


Take a dry run: Before your overnighter, attempt a family-only day trip at in a location that is reasonably close to home. Spend a half-day or so near a lake or at a nearby park and see how your kids respond to the experience.


Take notes: Make reminder for yourself on these test trips – E.G you might note that you want to bring more snacks, or get everybody to wear long sleeves to prevent mosquito bites.


Preparing for a Journey

Teach them about Essentials: Teach your kids what they should be bringing – the bare minimums – on any camping or hiking trip. First, ask them what kind of problems they think they may encounter – and then draw from those ideas and discuss what equipment and gear would help prevent or mitigate those problems. Bare essentials for a camping trip would include:


First Aid Kit: Absolutely essential. Probably the most important thing to bring – tell your kids that they should never go on any sort of outdoors excursion without a basic first aid kit on hand.


Flashlight: Another completely essential item – and doubly so if you’re planning to camp out in the wild. If you don’t have a good, outdoors suitable flashlight on hand, we suggest you check out this Fenix LD22 review or this review of the NiteCore TM 26. Both are great flashlights for camping – their lightweight, durable, and straightforward to use.


More essentials:

Pack of Matches



Maps and Compass

Alternate Weather Wear

Pocket Knife


Be passionate: Why should youngsters be fired up about a camping trip if their parents aren’t excited? Get excited so that your kids will be excited too! You’ll be surprised how much children feed off their parents energy.


Involve your youngsters: Make travel preparation a fun thing that you do together. Involve your kids, ask them if they have any suggestions or ideas of how to pack, where to go, etc. Also, don’t ask and then ignore their suggestions – if they’re good, utilize them, and if not, explain why you can’t do stuff.


Kids as packers: Offer kids the responsibility to pack their very own outdoor camping equipment in the house (using a list you’ve created). A parent should double-check a youngster’s packing work prior to leaving residence.


Be safe: Your youngsters must always bring a whistle (show them to blow it if they come to be separated from you) as well as have very easy accessibility to a flashlight or headlamp. Affix a lanyard to both the whistle and also light and also connect them to one of the kid’s belt loopholes.


Wildlife: Ask park rangers about any wild animals in the location you are planning to visit. As the adult, you have to know the risks and how to mitigate them (e.g store your food safely to avoid wild animals entering yur campsite). Educate your children regarding the importance of not feeding wildlife (it detrimentally changes their food-gathering patterns) as well as treating wildlife with respect and care so everyone remains safe.


The Science: Why Kids Need More Nature


There are many reasons youngsters ought to play outside, from sharing imagination to running openly to creating messes without stressing over messing up your home. In addition to these enjoyable factors, there are also several health benefits that make outside play great for children.


Boosts Vision

A research study found that youngsters who spend time outside have better distance vision compared to those who mostly play inside. Kids who play inside more have a higher chance of being short sighted and needing to wear glasses.


Builds Strong Social Skills

Studies suggest that getting kids outside and having disorganized, unstructured play promotes a vast array of abilities. If you’re kid is on a playground, they will eventually learn that not everyone gets to go down the slide immediately. this is a social awareness that a kid who only plays videogames will never understand. Going to a playground with your youngsters doesn’t just mean running around and being active. It can also be about learning social skills, and teaching/absorbing behavioral lessons.


Can increase attention span and focus

Kids who play outside frequently tend to have better attention spans and are more comfortable in situations where they need to self-direct or act independently, especially when it comes to learning. Studies have likewise shown that engaging with nature and outdoor environments appears to lower the risk of ADHD symptoms in youngsters. Exposure to natural environments and the outdoors after school and on weekends can promote focus, concentration, and reduce chances that your kid will end up with ADD or ADHD.


Reduces Stress and Anxiety


Spending time outside can be a HUGE outlet for stress and anxiety for a child – it’s almost reparative. There is research that suggests that natural spaces can help reduce stress and anxiety levels in children – and reduced stress and anxiety as a kid likely leads to better outcomes as an adult.


Vitamin D


Most children nowadays suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency – this is often due to lack of exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D bring with it a number of health and wellness benefits – it can protect kids against things like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and bone-related illnesses and problems. While you can have your kids take Vitamin D Supplements, but supplements have proven not to be as effective as the real thing, and besides – they’re expensive, and we all know kids don’t like taking pills. Sunlight exposure is totally free and totally natural – get your kid to go play outside for a few minutes and he/she can get exposure to the best, most authentic source of Vitamin D there is.


5 OUTDOOR Things to do with your Screen-Obsessed Kids

outside play

Are you tired of seeing your children glued to the sofa playing video games when it’s a beautiful day? Well, it’s time to round them up and force them outside for some real-life fun!


Even if your budget plan’s tight, you can have so much fun and so many adventures at a park. Whether your local park is a tiny community green space or an extensive national forest, make the most of your closest green space and prepare a trip for the entire family, no matter how young or old your kids are. Use these suggestions to get your entire family off the couch and out into the sunlight for some healthy and balanced, cost-free (or low-cost), outdoors fun!


Just go PLAY

If you’re bringing the little ones, scope out the neighbourhood area for parks – even if it’s just a small, local playground area, going with your kids gives you a workout and gives them the ability to play outside. See-saws, giant slides, ape bars, pint-sized zip-lines and also mini rock-climbing walls are all things that you should encourage your kids to try and play with at the better local park play areas. Load some sun block, treats and juice boxes and head to the park for some vigorous, full body exercise on your part and healthy, in-the-sun fun with your kids.


Picnic time!


Get a basket and a blanket, and have an awesome, healthy, relaxing time on the grass in your local park. If you’re heading somewhere further afield (like a national park that has lakes and rivers), even better – you can stay cool in the afternoon sun and spend a whole day outside with your kids – remember, no tablets, phones, or games allowed – this outdoor time is the time you want to bond with your family and create memories, not just for playing angry birds.


Sports are fun too!


Many local parks have tennis courts, and areas for football, soccer, and baseball. Get your kids to join a local youth league and be one of those crazy parents that’s super supportive of their kid’s little league game. This is definitely something they’ll remember when they’re older. Let your kids pursue their own outdoor interests no matter what it is – any time your kid spends outdoor is a good thing in this screen-dominant world.


Learn about Nature!


Kids know so little about plants and animals these days – you wouldn’t believe how many kids I’ve met that have never seen a beaver! State and national parks are typically chock-full of incredibly interesting and diverse wildlife – get your kids out there and teach them about nature! You can even bring guides and books with you to learn about this stuff together! This is fun AND educational!


Kids these days spend way too much time indoors – it’s time to get your kids out there and teach them how to have fun without looking at a screen. Get your kids active early in life and they will build a lifelong habit of spending time outdoors. People who spend time doing outdoor stuff have been shown to be healthier, happier, and all-around better off! So what are you waiting for? Get off the internet and take your kids outside!

Get Pumped Up With an Air Bed Electric Pump

There are many types of electric pumps on the market today and depending on your needs you can find an inexpensive air bed electric pump to fill your needs. Whether you need a simple pump for a twin size air bed or a larger more powerful pump for a Coleman King Size Air Mattresses, we can help you find just what you need. Keep in mind your needs and how often you will use your bed as these should guide your decision. No matter what you decide you are going to appreciate the ease the air bed electric pump offers air bed users.

You can opt for an air bed electric pump that is attached to your air bed mattress or a pump that stands alone. If you own or plan to buy multiple camping air beds , you should look at a more powerful pump that can be used with all the beds. A powerful pump that works quickly may be an investment that is worth the saved time. Nowadays many of the air bed electric pumps available are surprisingly powerful little machines. Even though a certain pump is sold with a certain type bed there are attachments available if you want to use the pump with others. I remember the first time I set up an air bed years ago; I could have taken a power nap in the time it took to fill. Last week, while setting up my king size air bed for the first time, I was shocked at how quickly it was ready.

The investment in a nice air bed pump is worthwhile. They are inexpensive and can save you a lot of time and trouble. Pumping up a queen size air bed manually is exhausting and unnecessary with the advances in air bed electric pump technology. Don’t do all that work when this machine will do it for you. They are safe and reliable and worth the small cost.

If you buy a cheap air mattress with an attached pump, you may not be getting such a great deal. It may seem to be a great deal but if it takes forty minutes to inflate that may not fit your needs. It may be worthwhile for you to purchase a slightly more expensive air bed with a good pump rather than deal with the hassle and the wasted time. Good air bed manufacturers are not going to sell a durable, quality air bed with a puny pump. There are many great deals available and you should weigh each one carefully.

You are going to enjoy the ease of operation an air bed electric pump offers and the wonderful rest on your new air bed. There have been so many advances in comfort and ease and you can be the beneficiary. Whether for yourself or your guests the air bed offers you an alternative to an expensive mattress set, frame and furniture for your guest room.

How to Keep an Air Mattress Bed Portable in Good Condition

The air mattress bed portable is not often used except during summer and kept in storage in the attic for the most part of the year. It is used normally only for the family outings in the summer months. This long storage cause many problems when it is again taken out for the family summer outing, unless you make regular check ups on it when it is not in use.

Preserve the usefulness of the air mattress bed portable, by conducting at least a monthly inspection and check up of its condition. Since it is a rubber-made air mattress, it would be prudent for you to inflate it at least once a month, so you can check if leaks have developed during the time of the storage. An air mattress that leaks and cannot hold air at the time of use can be most problematic, especially when you are already out in the field with the family. You will be bothered no end if a kid of yours has a leaking air mattress when he wants to use it.

A rubber-made air mattress bed tends to have molds develop within the folded parts and the molds sometimes are the cause why the leak develops. Some insects also might have something to do with the leaks developing while the mattress is stored in the dark attic.

Since you will need to inflate regularly the air mattress in camping and the other inflatable gear as you check them up, it will be good for you to have a portable air pump, to facilitate the filling up of the air for the mattresses. When you have filled the air mattress bed portable with air, try to submerge it in your pool and see if there are air bubbles coming up from any point in the mattress. The source of the air bubbles are the air leaks that you can detect because of the air bubbles. Other wise if you do not submerge it in water you would not have noticed the very small leaks.

After you have marked the points that are leaking in the air mattress bed portable, take it out dry it thoroughly in the sun. Be sure it is dry since you will be using some rubber sealant materials that may not stick effectively on a wet surface. You can repair the leaks without any problem with the rubber sealant, provided you follow strictly the application procedures prescribed in the product’s use.

After you have done the repairs, you may want to do a second testing by filling up the air mattress bed portable again with air and submerge it in the water for the second time. This should confirm the effectiveness of the repairs you have done, otherwise if there are still air bubbles coming up, you have to do a repeat of the procedure you just did for the unchecked air leak, this time taking more care that the leak is finally sealed effectively.

These maintenance activities needed during the months of non-use of the air mattress bed portable and the other inflatable gear that you have in your attic may sound tedious, but you have to do it, so you can be sure they are ready for use anytime.

For Unanticipated Overnight Guests Options in Air Mattresses are There

If you are like me I don´t have a lot of space in my house for entertaining overnight guests. I only have one bedroom and a small living room area and I don´t have a place to store many things and much less a big old bed. You have several options in Coleman Air Mattresses, Cots & Camp Pads that are easy to set out, comfortable and only take up very little room when storing. Let’s think of several ideas in air mattresses that might be a good choice for you. You can go to camping gear trip, because you have a sleeping gears.

One choice could be a good firm air mattress you should choose one that is a reliable name/brand in air mattress, not all air mattress beds can be trusted to provide the comfortable feeling that one needs when sleeping, which feels like a real bed with the convenience of being quick and easy to set up and store away. This type bed is simple but can be a great option for you. There are beds for every need-they have twin size air mattresses up to king size air mattresses. You get an air mattress bed that is called 4d which is battery operated and comes with its small quick pump included which helps it to inflate or deflate quickly. Most reliable. A guaranteed good bed has a two way lock valve keeping the air inside of the bed so that air doesn´t escape.

You can choose too a 4-in-1 or 5-in-1 sofa bed air mattress which can be used as a bed at night and if you have a shortage in seating room can serve as a couch which can convert into a stack able or raised air mattress. These are very good when your overnight guests are staying a few days so that the mattress doesn’t take up too much room and all are uncomfortable with all of the space being occupied.

Another idea for ultimate comfort you can purchase a raised air bed mattress which acts just like real beds in any size whether they are self inflating air mattresses or you have to use an air pump. These can be zipped or snapped together to make it feel better. The raised airbed can easily be stored and takes up basically the same room as the normal airbed mattresses.

A very good option could also be a self inflating airbed mattress which has a frame and a bed like inflatable mattress for a feel of the comfort of an airbed with the convenience of a cot, so the bed is off the floor and the person doesn’t feel unattended by having to sleep on your floor.

All of these air mattresses and airbed mattresses are convenient for your guests and you when you don´t have very much space in your home to keep those overnight guests and make them feel important even when it isn’t planned.

Air Beds For Camping

Going out regularly with your kids in outdoor camping is one sure way you can bond with your children, something that some parents just do not care about much. Bonding with the kids makes you closer as one family and this is best done with you all staying under just one family tent during the camp out, sleeping on the air beds for camping.

Every year you should not fail to go out at least for a day or two on your usual camp out with the kids. They have been awaiting this activity during their school days, and they would be disappointed so much, if you skip even just one summer your outdoor camping. Now that summer is ending, you have only a limited time left to fulfill your promise to the kids of this year’s camp out. Have them prepare the Air mattress in camping; you are leaving before the weekend for the camping grounds albeit it is a bit late in the season.

Without any TV set to keep the kids busied in the evening at the summer camp, you can go back to the old-fashioned story telling sessions of past generations, as you lie on the air mattress bed, waiting for sleep to come. Maybe the kids have a very hazy idea as to how it was in the past when there was no electricity and the only source of light then at night was a lantern.

Your kids would love to hear stories of the old times and experience hearing some of them from you who may have this kind of experience before in your boyhood, because you are not really the city-bred kind. You come from the rural areas of America, which may not have the same sophisticated lighting in the big cities. Likely, you used lanterns in your dad’s farmhouse out there in the agricultural areas of your state. The kids now may wonder what you had then as equivalent to the best air mattresses that they use now in your outings.

Your kids were a bit amazed before of your rural accent in speaking with them until you were able to correct that with the help of your wife who is an English teacher by profession. You met your wife in your faraway county in rural America when they assigned her there before as a new education graduate from college.

She used to smile quietly also, fascinated with your quaint English accent, but she was all admiration for you then as a husky young man used to the hard life in the farm. Your dad’s farm was right next to the school where she taught and you used to watch her intently passing by your farm on the way to the school.

You became friends when she inquired from you whether you accept boarders in your farmhouse, so she does not have a long distance to walk when she reports for work in the mornings. This was your chance to befriend her closer; you gave her the go-signal to get her things so she can start boarding with you, even if you have not asked your dad yet. She asked though if she has to get her portable air mattress from the city.

You suggested to her to get it right away; you were so enthralled by the English teacher who was quite a beauty. She is your wife now, and still very much a beauty.