Camping with Kids – How to Prepare


Camping with children

Nature can be a great teacher, and being in nature can be a great experience for children. That being said, family camping trips can also be anxiety inducing for parents – there are so many things that can go wrong! Still, that’s not a reason to avoid camping altogether – here are some camping tips that you should keep in mind if you’re planning to take your children camping – by keeping all these things in mind and preparing adequately, you can make sure that a weekend spent camping is fun for the whole family!


Before an Overnight Camping trip:

Practice camping in your home: If your youngsters are unfamiliar with being in the outdoors, pitch a camping tent in the backyard or perhaps inside your residence. Allow them socialize in it and even let them sleep it so they get familiar with this novel sleeping environment.


Take a dry run: Before your overnighter, attempt a family-only day trip at in a location that is reasonably close to home. Spend a half-day or so near a lake or at a nearby park and see how your kids respond to the experience.


Take notes: Make reminder for yourself on these test trips – E.G you might note that you want to bring more snacks, or get everybody to wear long sleeves to prevent mosquito bites.


Preparing for a Journey

Teach them about Essentials: Teach your kids what they should be bringing – the bare minimums – on any camping or hiking trip. First, ask them what kind of problems they think they may encounter – and then draw from those ideas and discuss what equipment and gear would help prevent or mitigate those problems. Bare essentials for a camping trip would include:


First Aid Kit: Absolutely essential. Probably the most important thing to bring – tell your kids that they should never go on any sort of outdoors excursion without a basic first aid kit on hand.


Flashlight: Another completely essential item – and doubly so if you’re planning to camp out in the wild. If you don’t have a good, outdoors suitable flashlight on hand, we suggest you check out this Fenix LD22 review or this review of the NiteCore TM 26. Both are great flashlights for camping – their lightweight, durable, and straightforward to use.


More essentials:

Pack of Matches



Maps and Compass

Alternate Weather Wear

Pocket Knife


Be passionate: Why should youngsters be fired up about a camping trip if their parents aren’t excited? Get excited so that your kids will be excited too! You’ll be surprised how much children feed off their parents energy.


Involve your youngsters: Make travel preparation a fun thing that you do together. Involve your kids, ask them if they have any suggestions or ideas of how to pack, where to go, etc. Also, don’t ask and then ignore their suggestions – if they’re good, utilize them, and if not, explain why you can’t do stuff.


Kids as packers: Offer kids the responsibility to pack their very own outdoor camping equipment in the house (using a list you’ve created). A parent should double-check a youngster’s packing work prior to leaving residence.


Be safe: Your youngsters must always bring a whistle (show them to blow it if they come to be separated from you) as well as have very easy accessibility to a flashlight or headlamp. Affix a lanyard to both the whistle and also light and also connect them to one of the kid’s belt loopholes.


Wildlife: Ask park rangers about any wild animals in the location you are planning to visit. As the adult, you have to know the risks and how to mitigate them (e.g store your food safely to avoid wild animals entering yur campsite). Educate your children regarding the importance of not feeding wildlife (it detrimentally changes their food-gathering patterns) as well as treating wildlife with respect and care so everyone remains safe.


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