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The Science: Why Kids Need More Nature


There are many reasons youngsters ought to play outside, from sharing imagination to running openly to creating messes without stressing over messing up your home. In addition to these enjoyable factors, there are also several health benefits that make outside play great for children.


Boosts Vision

A research study found that youngsters who spend time outside have better distance vision compared to those who mostly play inside. Kids who play inside more have a higher chance of being short sighted and needing to wear glasses.


Builds Strong Social Skills

Studies suggest that getting kids outside and having disorganized, unstructured play promotes a vast array of abilities. If you’re kid is on a playground, they will eventually learn that not everyone gets to go down the slide immediately. this is a social awareness that a kid who only plays videogames will never understand. Going to a playground with your youngsters doesn’t just mean running around and being active. It can also be about learning social skills, and teaching/absorbing behavioral lessons.


Can increase attention span and focus

Kids who play outside frequently tend to have better attention spans and are more comfortable in situations where they need to self-direct or act independently, especially when it comes to learning. Studies have likewise shown that engaging with nature and outdoor environments appears to lower the risk of ADHD symptoms in youngsters. Exposure to natural environments and the outdoors after school and on weekends can promote focus, concentration, and reduce chances that your kid will end up with ADD or ADHD.


Reduces Stress and Anxiety


Spending time outside can be a HUGE outlet for stress and anxiety for a child – it’s almost reparative. There is research that suggests that natural spaces can help reduce stress and anxiety levels in children – and reduced stress and anxiety as a kid likely leads to better outcomes as an adult.


Vitamin D


Most children nowadays suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency – this is often due to lack of exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D bring with it a number of health and wellness benefits – it can protect kids against things like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and bone-related illnesses and problems. While you can have your kids take Vitamin D Supplements, but supplements have proven not to be as effective as the real thing, and besides – they’re expensive, and we all know kids don’t like taking pills. Sunlight exposure is totally free and totally natural – get your kid to go play outside for a few minutes and he/she can get exposure to the best, most authentic source of Vitamin D there is.