How to Keep an Air Mattress Bed Portable in Good Condition

The air mattress bed portable is not often used except during summer and kept in storage in the attic for the most part of the year. It is used normally only for the family outings in the summer months. This long storage cause many problems when it is again taken out for the family summer outing, unless you make regular check ups on it when it is not in use.

Preserve the usefulness of the air mattress bed portable, by conducting at least a monthly inspection and check up of its condition. Since it is a rubber-made air mattress, it would be prudent for you to inflate it at least once a month, so you can check if leaks have developed during the time of the storage. An air mattress that leaks and cannot hold air at the time of use can be most problematic, especially when you are already out in the field with the family. You will be bothered no end if a kid of yours has a leaking air mattress when he wants to use it.

A rubber-made air mattress bed tends to have molds develop within the folded parts and the molds sometimes are the cause why the leak develops. Some insects also might have something to do with the leaks developing while the mattress is stored in the dark attic.

Since you will need to inflate regularly the air mattress in camping and the other inflatable gear as you check them up, it will be good for you to have a portable air pump, to facilitate the filling up of the air for the mattresses. When you have filled the air mattress bed portable with air, try to submerge it in your pool and see if there are air bubbles coming up from any point in the mattress. The source of the air bubbles are the air leaks that you can detect because of the air bubbles. Other wise if you do not submerge it in water you would not have noticed the very small leaks.

After you have marked the points that are leaking in the air mattress bed portable, take it out dry it thoroughly in the sun. Be sure it is dry since you will be using some rubber sealant materials that may not stick effectively on a wet surface. You can repair the leaks without any problem with the rubber sealant, provided you follow strictly the application procedures prescribed in the product’s use.

After you have done the repairs, you may want to do a second testing by filling up the air mattress bed portable again with air and submerge it in the water for the second time. This should confirm the effectiveness of the repairs you have done, otherwise if there are still air bubbles coming up, you have to do a repeat of the procedure you just did for the unchecked air leak, this time taking more care that the leak is finally sealed effectively.

These maintenance activities needed during the months of non-use of the air mattress bed portable and the other inflatable gear that you have in your attic may sound tedious, but you have to do it, so you can be sure they are ready for use anytime.

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